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Brett + Alanna // Hermosa Beach wedding

June 12, 2010

Brett and Alanna are one of those couples that are infinitely easy to be around and so in love that it’s contagious.  They were referred to me by friends of Brett’s parents who live near me in Hermosa Beach, although Brett and Alanna live in Arizona.  Thus, all introductions and interactions were on the phone…not my strong suit.  I’m definitely a let’s-meet-for-coffee-and-get-to-know-each-other-over-two-lattes kinda gal.  Well, Alanna definitely spoke my language when she told me about their wedding plans…meet up on the Strand and find a decent spot down by the water to have their ceremony.  Total guest count, 13.  I cannot tell you how much I love this!  Such an amazingly intimate event, and they welcomed me in to be a part of it.  With wide open arms.  Cue the tugging of my heartstrings.

Alanna decided to get ready at the beautiful Beach House Hotel in Hermosa where we did a little First Look session there with her and Brett.   Then we meandered on down to the beach by the jetty to have their perfect little ceremony just before sunset.  I have to say, that 14 block walk was one of the funniest things of the day!  Everyone wanted to know why Alanna was wearing a white dress and had two paparazzi following her (me and my rockstar sidekick photographer for the day, Nancy Orozco), but most returned with “Nah, seriously. What are you guys really doing?” It made me wish more than ever that I was that quippy response girl.  At least I married the funny-on-the-spot guy so my kids will at least stand a chance.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, they are not models.  :)

The fabulous Lauren Gott, working her hair and makeup magic.

She definitely seemed to keep her cool, but Alanna just looked soo beautiful as she eagerly awaited her man!  I would’ve loved to see the faces of passersby below.

Definitely a head-turning sight!

This breathtaking formation of pelicans came soaring over head as we walked down the Strand…and banked right to fly directly to the point we had chosen on the sand for the ceremony.  So cool!

Have I mentioned that I love a group who knows how to have fun?!

These two are serious runners.  When I say that, I mean they ran the Boston Marathon less than two weeks before their wedding.  So they absolutely had to do a baton, err, bouquet hand-off to show a little love.

Alanna has one of the most amazing, courses-through-her-whole-body laughs.  To say it’s infectious feels like a gross understatement!

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