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Emery Ann // Orange County newborn photography

June 19, 2010

There are times when I am editing pictures and I want to crawl into and curl up in the moment, it’s just too beautiful for words.  My good friends Rob and Kristin recently added sweet baby girl Emery to their brood.  Kristin and I have been very dear friends for 10 years, and she fought me on letting me do newborn photos when their son Durham was born.  It’s the same thing I hear from half my new moms, “I look awful right now, I don’t want to remember what I looked like then, let’s do it after three or four months so I have time to get in shape…” etcetera, etcetera.  There are a few responses I have to that.  First of all, your baby is only in their curly-newborn-goodness phase for a few fleeting moments.  The next moments are important too, but oh-so-different.  Secondly, I would bet you large sums of money that in the coming years you will look back on these photos and go “DANG, look how amazing I looked, and I just had a kid that week!”  Thirdly, it’s not about you. It’s about your moment.  You’re never going to have that exact moment again.  Ever.  And your new baby is a moment you will want to crawl into, curl up with, and hang onto long after it’s gone.

Well, when it came to Kristin, I told her she was just going to have to deal with it this time around.  I was doing Emery’s newborn session in her first seven days or not at all.  Kristin could’ve probably called my bluff on that one, but I know now she’s glad she didn’t, and here are all the reasons why…

I feel compelled to add that Rob H.A.T.E.S. having his picture taken, and little D is his daddy’s shadow in just about every way.  I cannot figure out why.  I get some of the most amazing photos of them.  Every.  Time.

Mr. Durham is just about the best big brother anyone could’ve hoped for.  He had a temperature that day, and the only tearful melt-down he had was “but I wanna keep holding Baby Em-a-weeeeee!!!!!!”

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