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New journeys + old familiar heartstrings

August 24, 2010

I’ve done it.  I finally committed.  I took the plunge and bought the insanely yummy Showit site and blog I’ve been lusting after since Jasmine Star first introduced it to me months ago.  I’ve been so busy with editing and shooting that I have left my poor little blog in a sad, sad way.  I make excuses about it because it’s not pretty. It’s clunky and not user-friendly so I just don’t do it.  Shame, shame, and not okay.  So here I am, overwhelmed with how much I do not understand about how the heck I do this but amped up to make myself bigger, badder, and just plain better.  Or at least my blog anyway.

And on a personal note, tugging at old, familiar heartstrings was my dad’s birthday on Sunday.  He would have been 61 this year, and I’m amazed at how 25 years of missing someone doesn’t make it go away.  So my mom started a tradition a few years back to feel like he wasn’t forgotten.  She buys a gift for both my little brother and I in honor of his birthday.  I initially tried to fight her on this, but gave in when I realized how much it meant to her (not to mention she’s stronger than me)…and how much I cherish the gifts that remind me of him.  Last year it was scuba lessons (which I still haven’t taken).  :)  This year, my mom knew I’d really been needing a new watch, so this now reminds me of him every time I look at it.  I think it’s perfectly appropriate.

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  1. September 7, 2010 3:30 pm

    Good for you, excited to see it once it’s up and running.

    What a sweet sentiment on behalf of your mom, my best friend lost her dad when she was only 1 and she still longs for him and misses him everyday.

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