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Inspired Sessions…

February 14, 2011

In my ideal world, shoots like this one at Green Wedding Shoes would be less “exception” and more “rule”.  Okay, not rule (because I hate rules), but definitely more commonplace.  This morning I stumbled across this completely lovely engagement session inspired by the real-life romance of Paul + Julia Child.  Thank you to Green Wedding Shoes for contributing such beautiful visual eye candy for my addiction!  :)  I know I was destined to be a photographer because I absolutely swoon over the opportunity to tell a truly beautiful, captivating love story in photographs.  And this is not only for brides!  Mommies, moms-to-be, couples who have been in love for umpteen years, boudoir sessions, there are beautiful tales to be spun whatever your love story is.  However, the real key for any “inspired session” is genuinely looking into your own life and finding what it is that moves you deeply.  The love story of Paul and Julia Child was very moving for many, I am sure, so for a couple with an affinity for vintage style, it seems a perfect theme through which they can capture their own love.  It inspires me to look more closely at films and love stories that struck a chord in me personally, as well as looking at my own personal “loves” that I share with my husband.  I think if we did an inspired “love” session now, it would probably involve a picnic (some wine glasses from our first trip to Napa, grapes, a wonderfully shabby-chic blanket, vintage books), S’mores, and horses.  When we have our first baby, I’m sure my mind will be reeling with ideas from favorite classic childrens books.  My point is, inspiration to make your photo-tale beautifully and specifically YOU is all around you…you just have to stop and take note.  So how would you best tell your love story?



Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes and Easy Dreamer Photography

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